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Weddings & Events

Lake Hawea View offers a unique location to host your dream event. Be it a birthday, wedding, corporate event or family get together, Lake Hawea View is poised with resources, supplies, systems and excellent local supplier contacts to make the planning process straight forward.

Lake Hawea View is a one-of-a-kind 25-acre property crested on the mountain-side, high above the captivating Lake Hawea in the majestic Southern Alps of New Zealand. Whether you’re envisioning a birthday celebration, a picture-perfect wedding, a professional corporate event, or a cherished family gathering, Lake Hawea View offers a truly unique location to bring your dream event to life.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Lake Hawea View is equipped with a wealth of resources such as complimentary event supplies included in our packages, streamlined systems,  an extensive network of exceptional local suppliers who are all familiar with the venue and deliver exceptional services and a dedicated Event Co-ordinator to assist with everything venue-related. This ensures that the planning process for your event is as effortless and stress-free as possible.

Prepare to be quite literally spellbound by the awe-inspiring landscapes that surround Lake Hawea View. The stone and cedar clad homestead has been architecturally designed to showcase unparalleled views of both the stunning lake and the snow-capped Southern Alps mountains. From the kitchen to the dining area and the outdoor living spaces, every corner captures the essence of rugged natural beauty.

By choosing to host your event at Lake Hawea View, you are embarking on an unforgettable journey. Lake Hawea View promises to create cherished memories for you and your esteemed guests, leaving an indelible mark on your heart forever.

Venue and Accommodation

Lake Hawea View seamlessly combines venue and accommodation, providing the perfect setting for your event while offering a comfortable stay for you and your guests. With the main house and adjacent guest house accommodating up to 14 people, you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones as you prepare for your special occasion and take some time out after the big event too. Additionally, we have the option of a charming three-bedroom self-contained Earth Cottage with breath-taking lake and mountain views, just a short 5-minute walk from Lake Hawea View. As this is managed by a third party, it is however subject to availability. This means that across three separate dwellings, there is the potential to accommodate up to 20 guests in total. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a larger celebration, our property is designed to cater to your needs. Lake Hawea View can host events of up to 80 guests (excluding vendors) for a traditional seated dinner. Please note that a minimum 3-night stay is required for all events. Contact us to schedule a site visit.

Wedding Ceremony Site

Exchange vows at our dedicated ceremony site set upon a groomed sprawling lawn, with the breathtaking teal backdrop of Lake Hawea and the Southern Alps. Our venue offers the perfect location for your wedding ceremony or any outdoor element of your event. With ample space and flexibility, you have the freedom to design and set up your event as you’ve always imagined. Our dedicated Event Coordinator offers on-going support for all venue-related detail. As part of our commitment to making your event truly memorable, we provide a selection of complimentary event supplies included in our event packages.

Please note that Lake Hawea View is not available for ceremonies only.

Wedding & Event Packages

We offer three distinct event packages at Lake Hawea View, designed to cater to events of different sizes: Intimate, Small, and Grand. Our Intimate and Small wedding packages are perfect for traditional seated dinners without the need for additional infrastructure, such as a Tipi or marquee. For larger events, our Grand package includes the necessary provisions including a Tipi we organise and hire in for you, by Gather & Gold. If you’re unsure about the size of your event, don’t worry. You have the flexibility to upgrade your package as needed down the line.

Intimate Event Package

Our Intimate Event Package is designed for those looking to host a smaller gathering with their nearest and dearest. With seated space for up to 20 people (excluding vendors)  attending the event for a traditional dinner celebration it provides an intimate setting that allows you to create cherished memories with your loved ones. To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience, we offer accommodation for 14-20 guests for a 3-night stay surrounding the event.

We understand the importance of seamless planning and organisation for your intimate event. That’s why our package includes a fabulous range of essential complimentary event supplies to help you with the ease of planning.


Small Event Package

Our Small Event Package is designed to accommodate a slightly larger guest list while still maintaining an intimate atmosphere. With seated space for up to 40 people attending the event (excluding vendors) or a traditional dinner and dance celebration it offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your special occasion surrounded by loved ones. Additionally, we provide accommodation for 14-20 guests for a 3-night stay surrounding the event, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience for you and your guests. To make your planning process as seamless as possible, our package includes a fabulous range of complimentary event supplies including a raw wood table and chair setting.


Grand Event Package

Our Grand Event Package is designed for those looking to host a larger-scale affair. With seated space for up to 80 people attending the event (excluding vendors) for a classic dinner and dance celebration. Additionally, we provide accommodation for 14-20 guests for a 3-night stay surrounding the event, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience for you and your guests.

Our package includes a fabulous range of complimentary event supplies including a single Nordic Tipi by Gather & Gold, which will be set up on the lawn. This exquisite tipi blends effortlessly with the natural environment at Lake Hawea View and creates a unique ambiance for your event. If the Tipi isn’t quite your style, that’s ok, there are other options too! Please note that for a grand event, a tipi or marquee structure is required as the homestead itself can only accommodate a maximum of 40 guests seated. If desired, upgrades to a double tipi are also available upon request.



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Recommendations of event suppliers

We've put together a list of some amazing event/ wedding suppliers from the area of Wanaka who can provide everything from furniture to flowers to tipis.

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